Who is she?

Sierra Jamerson is more than just a singer.
She is an artist, a healer, an empath

A priestess, a warrior and a teacher.
Her feet are rooted in the earth

While her head is in the clouds
And her heart is on her sleeve.
 Her favorite emotion is bittersweet. 
She is an idealist in her thinking.


2021 Tarot Reading
  • 2021 Tarot Reading
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2020 sucked. Whether you're a healthcare worker, a creator, a student, a small business, or a busy professional, it was a rough year for everyone.

Something I like to do with my coaching clients is to do a tarot reading to uncover blocks, think about future goals, and gain insight into how we can live in alignment with our purpose. My readings are a little different. We'll explore your question or issue, consult the cards, and then I will use my coaching skills to help you set some actionable steps you can take to move forward.

A session like this typically costs around 100$, but for a limited time I am offering these readings for 50$.

All you have to do is purchase here, and then shoot me a message on my "contact" page or by email: sierra.jamerson.sj@gmail.com to book your reading. If you're purchasing as a gift for a loved one, you'll receive a downloadable voucher you can give to them as a gift, and they can book with me at their convenience.

Thank you for supporting independent artists and small businesses through this difficult time!

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Sierra Jamerson Opens up About Her Latest Single “Blood in the Water”

Buzz music la

"...I had this dream for months. I believe it was my mind trying to express how chaotic and painful my emotions were in processing that experience, and when I went under it was almost like I was surrendering. It was like the death of that Sierra and that life, making room for rebirth..."

With soothing drum patterns, captivating keyboard melodies and subtle electric guitar, all while Sierra Jamerson’s astounding vocal abilities transition from soft to powerful as the track flows on, “Blood in the Water” is most definitely a song to add to your library.” - BuzzMusic LA

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