Welcome to Soul to Soul Singing!


Find Your Voice- Your Literal Voice and Your Soul's Voice.

Singing is an incredible practice. Yes, practice.  It's something we do, hopefully often, where our repeated engagement allows us to deepen our knowledge of Self and the Universe. 

When we sing our bodies produce chemicals which boost our immune system,  increase brain activity which reduces depression and stress, and strengthen our lungs. Singing with others helps us build social bonds, and makes us feel less lonely. Singing, and other music-making practices, are the only things that engage the right and left hemispheres of the brain simultaneously.


Singing is not only a musical or social activity -- singing engages the energy system in the body. Singing frees us, allowing us to discover the power in our literal voice, but also the voice of our soul. Singing is a creative expression which channels our highest self.


Did you know that there is a line of fascia, connective tissue and cerebrospinal tissue and fluid that connects your jaw to your pelvis?!

When we sing, we relax our jaw and in turn release our pelvic muscles.  This follows the same pattern as the Chakra or energy system in the body. Our Root/Sacral chakras, which correlate to our creative essence and our feelings of groundedness and belonging on the Earth, connect to our Throat chakra, where we communicate and express our true self. 

You can read more on that here


Singing unblocks energy.  Singing opens up our souls. 

I am not a conventional vocal coach. I don't just want to help you sing the latest Beyonce song (but I do want to do that too!) or learn how to develop excellent technique (but you will!). 

I want to show you how to use singing to emotionally, creatively and energetically awaken. 

I want you to develop into the artist you truly are, the fiercely vulnerable, authentic, raw channel of musical expression you've been afraid to unleash. 

The world needs your voice! You are here for a reason, and I want to be a part of your journey of discovery. 


This isn't about just singing. 


This is Soul to Soul Singing